Meaningless Musings, Nugatory Notions, and God-Awful Grammar..!..!..!..?

Just as the title insinuates….this page will be full of the noise that claws it’s way out of my brain. I’ve noted before that I write just like I speak. If you could see the words as they spill out of my mouth, they would be fraught with commas, colons, semicolons, many dot….dot….dots. There would be more than a few *****’s and a whole lot of !!!!!!!. When I am upset, there would be some “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!”s and more “really….Really….REALLY…ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Are you Freakin KIDDING ME?”s

I’m not necessarily a great writer. I just write about what I think…..what I feel….and anything that even slightly interests me. 🙂

I’ll write about most anything except Politics. I think I did one time…..I got so mad that my post was nothing but “!!!!!!***!!!**!!!!???!!!****!!!!!”s. Sooooooo, I try to avoid any topics that could be considered political.

Hopefully, you’ll find a smidgen of ‘Funny’ in one or two of my posts. I actually hope you find a lot of ‘Funny’ here and it makes you smile.