Monday’s Stink

Monday’s stink. Yeah, I said it…..they STINK !!! There is always a weeks worth of work piled on my desk when I get to work on Monday. At least it feels that way. Even though Mondays normally fly by pretty fast at work, it’s only because I am crazy, out of my mind busy. I can’t catch a break, I miss lunch, and I’m still unable to catch up. Yeah, Mondays DO STINK.

But don’t worry, anything that I don’t finish on Monday…….will be sitting there, waiting patiently for me on Tuesday.

Hey did I tell you that Tuesday’s Smell Really, Really, Really Bad………..

Author: jen

I am the first child of 5. 2 of those siblings are half sisters and 2 are half brothers. I have 2 adult children and 3 dogs. CRAZY, CRAZY dogs. I obsessively collect orchids. Not really pretty orchids.....I feel bad for the sickly orchids you see at your local grocery store or gas station. I get those and try to nurse them back to health. UGGH, I am a glutton for punishment.

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