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So we were introduced to a virus. Some people are terrified of this “Novel” virus. Yes, it is Covid-19. This is a Corona virus. Most of us know that the common cold can be caused by a Corona virus. The 2009 SARS virus ….aka Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome was a Corona virus. So when someone says “Novel” they don’t mean this is an Alien …just appeared out of thin air…brand spanking NEW IN EVERY WAY….virus. They just mean that this virus – hasn’t been seen in people before.

Now that is what we are being told. There seems to be two main schools of thought about the virus’ origins. Some believe that the virus was spread from a bat to a human. I think the belief there is that either in butchering or eating a bat that happened to have this particular corona virus….the offending human was infected. Then BOOM human to human… to cat…. to dog… to cat…. to human…. to tiger….. virus spreading was enabled and the virus could jump around as it damn well pleased.

Another thought pattern paints China as the Evil Big Brother, who, while whipping up viral weapons in their Wuhan lab either accidentally or purposefully let the new “Novel” Nasty Covid-19 escape and wreak havoc across the world.

On the other hand though, if you read a little further you will meet a Virologist named Shi Zhengli from China. Supposedly Shi Zhengli is known as the “Bat Woman”. Guess what she does? Studies SARS like viruses in Bats.

Now I’m not sure how true this information is. I’m doing some fact checking to see exactly what I find. One thing I want to confirm is if she was truly working on trying to find the way or find the mutations that allow humans to get infected with viruses not typically found in our species. Rumor says Shi Zhengli took a SARS virus and basically retro-fitted it with ‘spike proteins’ similar to something in the HIV virus, that allows it to pass to and infect humans so easily. Like I said, I’m not passing this off as 100% truth but I am trying to see what I find. She supposedly worked with Canadian, American, and other scientists in the world of infectious diseases, on this project.

I can see the benefit of knowing what makes a virus tick, and I can wonder what would happen if different mutations take place…….but any work like that can……as any superhero would say……be used for Evil. Bio Weapons anyone??????

If I find out anything of interest in my searches I’ll let you know. Of course I will give all the bibliography information so you can see where I find info. lol ….. that is IF…..I can find anything interesting. I mean if all of the ‘China was making Frankenstein Viruses’ is just a lot of paranoia / propaganda story tidbits, I might not find much at all.

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