Another reason to HATE Hurricanes !

Okay, we hate Hurricanes for many, many, many reasons. Let’s see, we hate them because the Weather services can NEVER tell us where they are going to land until THE VERY LAST MINUTE ! They WORRY us. Worry us about property damage, loss of shelter, loss of work, fear for keeping your kids, significant others, and pets safe. Tons of questions run through your head as you are trying to prepare for the storm to hit. Is it actually going to hit here? How close will it hit? How high are the winds? How fast is it going? Are the lines at the gas station really long?……we need to get gas for the generator. When was the last time we tested the generator? We also hate the list of “to dos” that come with prepping for a Hurricane. We have to go refill our prescriptions so we know we have enough to get us through. We need to shutter the windows. Do we still have all the bolts or do we have to go to the hardware store? We have to bring the patio furniture cushions in the garage and we need to throw the ‘non wicker’ patio furniture in the pool so it doesn’t blow into the neighbors house. We need to bring the potted plants into the garage because those clay pots can break windows if thrown by wind. We have to go get drinking water for the humans and pets. We need to fill the bath tub with water so if service is disrupted during or after the storm we have water to wash with or flush toilets with. We need to fill our cars with gas and get cash out of the ATM ….since electricity, phones, and internet may be down after the Hurricane and you won’t be able to use credit or debit cards. We need batteries for the flashlights, a hand crank or solar powered weather radio, we need a powerbank / extra battery for our cell phones……or wait….we can charge our phones in our car after the storm so we need a cigarette lighter charger. We need to stock up on canned / packaged Non perishable food. You will be sick of Chef Boiardee, Campbells, and Progresso by the time the storm passes. You worry about your extended family if they are also located in the “Cone of Uncertainty”.

Then the WHOLE time you are trapped in your house you are going stir crazy. The news does NOTHING but Report on the Damn Hurricane. Every 5 minutes “the storm is here…now it is over there….now it is coming back here again….”. They stand in non-existent bursts of hurricane winds and talk about how hard it is to stand in place. OMG…so tired of that SHIT.

Another horrible side effect of Hurricanes is Weight Gain. Yeah, you are trapped in the house, with easy to prepare and eat foods. Aaaaaaaaand what do humans do when they are bored? EAT, we eat. Yup, I gained 8 lbs during the stupid hurricane and the weeks soon thereafter because we had a lot of easy to prepare food. NOT HAPPY! I have 6 weeks until my Tough Mudder and I have to drop the stupid 8lbs again. Can’t drop the weight if I can’t run, can’t run if I am carrying even 5 lbs extra weight because my hips and knees will hurt. So I started the V-Shred toned in 90 days workout program. I like it a lot. It is very quick….less than 20 minutes, but it is a real workout. I’m actually sore. The arms and leg programs are what makes me sore. The AB ones aren’t bad. I’ve always had really strong ABs so those don’t seem hard at all. Hopefully this program works. I skipped today because I am so sore from the last 2 days workouts. I just made today a cardio day by trying to run. Well I walk and run. The knees can’t take the extra weight if I am running sooooooo until that is gone….it will be walk run, not just run.

God I really just want to RUN…I used to run 35ish miles a week. I loved it. It was addictive. I’d run on Christmas morning before opening presents, the morning after a hurricane because I couldn’t stand the inactivity anymore. I’d run 2 miles before work and 4 miles after work and 13 miles on Saturday. I miss it…..Damn Multiple Sclerosis and the limitations it has set upon me, damn getting older because that probably contributes to the whole shebang too. Doesn’t metabolism slow down as you get older? My new med may be contributing to the weight gain too…..the med is working so if I have to just deal with the extra weight, I’ll just have to suck it up.

Anyway, let’s see how V-Shred, Toned in 90 Days works for me. I’m training with light weights high reps too, and the attempted runs. I’ll let you know how it goes. MS is not going to ruin my Tough Mudder by sidelining me. Screw that. I’ll keep updating my results.

Just as an FYI….I do not in any way believe or think I am Fat. I’m not one of those women who say, OMG I’m fat. I am probably in the normal range or a little better than average range for a woman of my age and height, etc . Even so, to run comfortably and without knee and hip pain I need to lose 8 to 10 lbs from where I am now. I am 43 yrs old, 5 ft 1 inch short, and as of this morning 120.8 lbs. I need to be 112 lbs. 115 at most. That is for comfort levels when I run.

Anyway, I’ll post about my results with the V-Shred program. Let’s see if it is just a fad, or if it really works. Have a great week.