DORIAN….it’s going to get Windy.

image from The Weather Channel @

So, we are going to be paid a visit by Dorian in the next couple of days. YUP, Hurricane Dorian. I’m watching the news at 19:42 on Saturday the 31st. The update they just gave stated that the Air Force plane reported a gust just above 160 miles per hour. If that was a sustained wind , Dorian would be a Cat 5. Still only expected to be a Cat 4 though. As usual, what is called the “Cone of Uncertainty” has wobbled from left to right and will probably continue to do so. The forecast path has changed many times. It will change a couple more times until the hurricane gets where it’s going.

They should put another official forecast out soon. lol….just another Floridian Summer / Hurricane / Summer Season.

Helping put up shutters (metal shutters) in the middle of the day during the summer… not a pleasant experience for anyone. If you have M.S. though, it can be awful. I helped with the first 5 panels / covering our master sliders. WAAAAAAAAAY too hot. After 20 minutes of being outside working with hot metal, sun shining down on me, sweating like crazy, I was shaking and felt like I was going to pass out. Luckily our son came out to help. Back inside for me, cold drink, fan, sitting on my butt…..after about an hour I felt better. Problem is I am STILL Exhausted. I hate that the heat can Screw with my M.S. Brain. Times like these I want to move up north where there are more cold days than burning hot days.

The pictures here are from N.A.S.A and ABC News.

Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
Dorian from Space – from NASA
From ABC news… of many “spaghetti models” for Dorian