Safer at home Covid POUNDS !!!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT. I GOT FAT. So I gained15ish Covid lbs. It Sux. I’m only 5’1 so it is like 30 lbs for all you normal height people. WTF….so now NONE of my work pants fit. I am squeezing intro 2 pair of pants. 1 work pair…. And 1 pair of jeans. Ok…. This SUX. No one said I’d get fat when I got older. The whole “your metabolism slows down as you get older” sounded fake………… I mean….. Who would take that seriously? The people who say that are “OLD”. Hell…..Who believes their elders? For Real???? Now I am F’ing fat…. WTF. I used to be the skinny….cute….one. NOT anymore.
So now I have to actually work out….. Like an adult ! Did I mention I hate this adult shit ????