Dorian……. IS it going to get Windy ???

Okay, I have had enough. I have had enough of the 24 hour coverage. Our forecasters are acting like we are going to still have this horrible storm……when we are not. The way it is right now, we are going to get tropical storm force winds. WE GET THAT EVERY 2:00 pm SUMMER DAY THUNDERSTORM. Floridians are used to this kind of weather. Dorian is going to stay quite a ways away. Yes we will have some storm surge and some flooding along the coast. That will be terrible for some people, but flooding like that can, and sometimes does, happen during our Bad Afternoon Thunderstorms. The forecasters are putting on a show now……..trying to keep everyone on edge because they made such a huge deal of Dorian WAAAAAAAY before they should have.

People living in the Bahamas are the ones really suffering and they will for a long time to come. Dorian FLATTENED huge areas of land. Dorian as a Cat 5, hit the Bahamas like a Bulldozer. Residents there won’t have power, water, even shelter for what will probably be MONTHS.

Forecasters……to you I say…..Focus on where the real need is. I’m in Brevard, Florida……in the Titusville area to be exact. I HAVEN’T SEEN EVEN ONE DROP OF RAIN SINCE LAST NIGHT….and that was a tiny, tiny amount. If you turn on the news….I should be getting Gusty Rain Bands….etc…..etc.

I walked all 3 of my dogs this morning……took about an hour and a half. Beautiful weather, sunny, nice breeze…….sometimes a strong breeze……..BUT IT IS JUST A BREEZE.

beautiful sky over my house

My front yard on September, 3 2019 @ 3:10 pm…… according to the news I should be getting gusty rain bands right now…… I haven’t received ANY ALL DAY.

If you believe in some kind of higher power……whatever or whoever that may be…..offer up a prayer for those living / staying in the Bahamas.

I will video…or take pictures if I can (It may be dark out) of any storm happenings here.