Words for a BAD M.S. day

Words describing a Bad M.S. day. Now, let’s just start with my favorite F-word.

Frustration, Irritation, Brain-fog, Annoyance, Exasperation, Anger, Hypersensitivity, Agitation, Irritability, Vertigo, Confusion, Stutter, Degeneration, Stupidity, Restlessness, Chaos, Tangled, Trip, Fall, Hassle, Sh*t, Confusion, Pain, Ache, Cramp, Unknown, Discomfort, Hurt, Sore, Hell, Misery, Burn, Twinge, Pins & Needles, Twitch, Scared, Anger, Pinch, Hate, Itch, Mope, Prick, Throb, Sadness, Clumsy, Forgetful, Resentment, Unsteady, Numbness, Distress, Exhaustion, Difficulty, Exacerbation, Peeved, Atrophy, and Damn-It.